Shelly plus addon already supported?

Dear All,
I received my shelly add-on plus today and did installed them already.
I recognized, that the Shelly integration don’t supports the add-on information (temperature, digital-IN, Voltmeter)

Does anybody know how to integrate the sensors/data from shelly add-on plus to HA?

best regards

push up - does anybody know how/if the add-on will be supported?
appreciate any feedback

I wonder if you need to enable the websocket like with the H&T?

Or even a webhook?

Thanks for the reply.

Whatever happened - now I can see the voltage from the add-on.


I have the same issue. I attached a reed sensor with the addon plus to the shelly plus 2pm. I get the correct reed inside the shelly app but the addon sensor does not appear in HA.
Is it not supported yet or does it have to be activated somewhere.


Did you restart HA?

Well mate… what shall I say. Yes I did restart many times but now I checked again and here it is.
Thank you anyhow

Seems to be a common complaint though!

Maybe the best guidance should be to restart HA and wait for the discovery to complete.

hello, anyone added the Shelly Plus Add-On to homeassistant as digital input? I can control the input via the shelly web interface but I can not find the entity in homeassistant. I gent entity unavailable.

Hello Add-On Users,

I’m realy exited how easy it was to mount the add-on to shelly 2 plus.
Connected currently 4 DS18B20, went also very seamless.
→ Using MQTT and could see the values in Mqtt.Fx already.


Next Stepp → Configuring MQTT Sensors in HA.

or configure it through mqtt and forget about any problems

You are right, I did it to often (early times) and forgot how easy… it is meanwhile.

THX for the fast hint. :slight_smile:


did anyone manage to configure the temprature with mqtt - yaml?

trying to figure it out since this morning, with out any luck.

Can somebody share the yaml code?