Shelly Plus HT Sensor (Battery based) Lose communication with HA after latest HA update

Hi everyone!
We have more than 50 (fifty) Shelly Plus HT temperature and humidity sensors deployed in our building. They have worked flawlessly for months. After latest HA update (2024.1.x) I think, it seems that HA loses track of them.
Restarting HA solved the issue for few hours, but then the problems presents itself again. Firmware on the sensors has not been changed, so I suspect something happened to the HA Shelly integration, specifically on battery sensors that only send updates after a long time or when temperature changes beyond a specific delta.

If anyone has any suggestion or can help, thank you very much in advance!

Have you read that?

Have you update the FW?

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We have 50 units deployed. Some of them have earlier unsupported firmware, but, used to work flawlessly. Others do have a supported firmware, but HA loses track of them as well.

As a side note, these devices are all battery-powered. An operator needs to go physically to each device to wake it up, put it in setup mode, so that a firmware update is performed. This is extremely time consuming. :frowning:

Let me add one more piece of info:
Reloading the individual devices from the Integrations->Devices GUI will also restore all entities.

Hi Taym - I’m getting exactly the same issue - Will let you know if I find a resolution.

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Thank you so much! This is really important for us. I hope we solve this!

We just upgraded ONE Shelly Plus HT to the latest firmware avilable today, and it seems not to be having this issue. Our problem is that upgrading all 100 sensors will take a month, without a direct internet connection. And currently Shelly does not allow a local update any longer. This is a real problem.

This has never been an issue before most recent HA upgrade, so if we could find a solution not requiring a firmware upgrade, it’d be great.