Shelly Plus i4 - stopped showing inputs (buttons/switches) in HA

I have two Shelly Plus i4’s set up as buttons. All was ok about a month ago (About 3 HA updates ago?) . They are rarely used, so didn’t notice until now.
Now they won’t show any inputs at all.
I have deleted them and re-added them - still no inputs.
Device web page is ok.
Have updated to latest firmware.
Have tried changing from button to switch in device - still no inputs.
Any ideas/help please?

I had the same thing and was scratching my head trying to figure it out.

Instead of using entities the Shelly sends triggers.

When you create an automation click Add Trigger > Device > Shelly Plus i4 and you should get a list of triggers.

If the input is set as a button you should have the following triggers:
"x button" pressed
"x button" double clicked
"x button" continuosly pressed

If the input is set as a switch you’ll have the following triggers:
binary_sensor.shelly_plus_i4_input_x turned on
binary_sensor.shelly_plus_i4_input_x turned off

I have the latest (0.11.2) firmware installed and am using MQTT. The Shelly integration looks like it also makes use of triggers instead of entities.


Ha ha! What an eejit! Thank you so much. I had completely forgotten how I had set them up before!

All fixed!

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Reopening an old thread, but what I’m experiencing is still not clear to me. Any help would be appreciated.

So this thread was very helpful and I could understand why I’m not seeing sensors or controls for some of my gen2 I4’s. I do see triggers, so I can use them in automations or scripts. So far so good.

However, I have several I4s in my setup. Some of them show no inputs (sensors) at all; they do show triggers. Some others, have either one(!) or four sensors called “input”. Those are “not shown” (i.e. disabled) but I can easily enable them and get binary sensors for them.
All of these devices run the same fw version.

So, why do some of my I4s show no sensors at all, some show 1 sensor, and some show 4?

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Did you get this solved?
If not then I recently also tried to implement the Shelly Plus I4DC and could only get sensors in Home Assistant if I changed the type switch to button in either the webinterface or the app. This however did not work for my use since I am using it for a limit switch on a swing gate. To get it working I had to enable MQTT and then through nodered setup a listener for the topics that are sent with true or false and then create a binary sensor in nodered that home assistant can see.

Basically, I learned that inputs that are configured as “switch” will show a switch sensor on HA, whereas “button” inputs will not.
For the latter I’m using the triggers. Didn’t find a need to employ MQTT and Node Red for this - simple automations with triggers work perfectly, and are dead simple.

Thanks doron for the reply. I looked into it again and I realised that the entities which are binary sensors were disabled by the shelly integration in Home Assistant. By enabling them I now get the sensors without the use of MQTT. Thanks. :slight_smile:
For the Nodered part I will still keep that since it can do much more and transform logic received by the MQTT.

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