Shelly Plus1PM not listed as light target in default motion activated light blueprint

I want to use a shelly motion sensor to turn on a Shelly 1PM which is connected to the light near the motion sensor. I can select the Shelly motion sensor as the motion sensor input but the Shelly 1PM is not an option for “choose device” or “choose entity”. Interestingly, I do have a Shelly plug that does show up.

I have successfully created an automation manually using the same two devices. I want to try this blueprint because it adds the function of turning off the light after a period of time.

Thanks for any guidance.

Probably because it is a switch, and not a light.

To make it a light, in configuration.yaml

  - platform: switch
    name: xxx2
    entity_id: switch.xxx1


Exactly what I needed. Thank you