Shelly Pro3em not supported anymore

I like to have my System u to date so I updated my Home Assist to latest Level.

  • Core - 2024.1.2
  • Supervisor - 2023.12.0
  • Operating System - 11.4
  • Frontend - 20240104.0

And when checking my Shelly Pro3em I got: 20230209-154545/0.13.1-g27ee371
You are using 0.13.1 (latest) version of the firmware.

So in Home assist - add integration - elect Shelly and search for the local IP, I get:
Das Gerät verwendet eine nicht unterstützte Firmware-Version.
The device is using a not supported firmware.

Anyone any Idea?


Your Pro3EM have no internet Connection

This is the right now FW

A reset of my shelly helped that it saw the new SW.
Update worked without a problem.