Shelly Qubino Wave doubleclick?

Hi everybody,

I am using HA for several years with a large number of sensors — mostly ZigBee via MQTT — and now I have got a number of Shelly Qubino Wave 1PM and 2PM connected to wall switches.

HA is running as Docker container, Z-Wave JS UI also and basically everything works fine. I can add and configure my devices, I see them in HA, I can switch them on and off and so on.

But how do I detect a double click on the switch connected to the Shelly? Some documents say that two button presses within 500 ms are considered a double click, but in HA there seems to be no such event?

I can use „switched on“, „switched off“ and „changed“ (and dozens of other information like power consumption), but there is no double click event.

What am I missing here?

Thank you and greetings from Vienna,

Usually double press events are via the Central Scene Command Class. Your devices do not support this CC according to the docs (1PM, 2PM), so there are no double press events via the standard method. What documents are you referring to that mention this functionality?

Ok, I think I found it:

Change switch position twice: If the delay between first in second click is less then 500ms, this is interpreted as Change switch possition twice. Send command to the associated devices (dimmers, shutters,….) in associated groups 2 and 3 (check chapter Z-Wave Association)

So you would need to assign some device to Association Groups 2 and 3. Usually this is to control other devices directly. If you want HA to see these actions, you’ll need to associate the controller. HA may or may not see the events, you’ll have to try and see what the debug logs show.

For example, you might see a notification event when using Group 3.

Or a scene event for Group 2. I’m not sure if this will occur w/o a device config though.

Thank you freshcoast for your answers.

So you would need to assign some device to Association Groups 2 and 3.

Can you please give me a more detailed description how to do this (e.g. link to some tutorial). Unfortunately at the moment I have no clue what to do.

Thank you!

Greetings, Christian

Click on the node in the control panel and go to the Groups tab. Assign the controller to the desired group.