Shelly Radio signal power 1mW (maybe) vs Zigbee 100mW

I’m trying to understand in terms of health which is safer between Zigbee and Wifi, at home I have these devices:

  • Ikea Tradfri (Zigbee) light bulbs
  • Shelly 1PM, Shelly 2.5 (WiFi)
  • Vimar 14592 Switch (Zigbee)

But I would like to understand whether to choose only Zigbee or only WiFi or whether to move to something else (I saw that ZWave travels on lower frequencies so perhaps safer for health?).

Looking at the specs of the devices I have now I read this:

So looking at this number seems that the Shelly device are safer? can anyone help me in this?

A tinfoil hat should alleviate your concerns :slight_smile:


Really. I thought people here were smarter than that.

OP- You will get more harmful radiation from an afternoon in the sun than you will ever get from WiFi devices.

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Your answers don’t seem right to me. I have posted numbers here, and the question I think deserves a real answer, I’m not talking about flat earth here.

No I accept I was not serious, hence the smiley.

As for “deserves a real answer”, you don’t deserve anything.

@Piero87, I really don’t have any knowledge myself about this, but searching a bit I find an article from Who saying it’s safe (see the link bellow). The article is saying about Wifi, but it’s basically about concerns on the amount of heat caused in our body by those signals, and then I understood the lower signals would be better, but anyways the devices you have on your smart home network are probably insignificant compared to your mobile phone or all the antenas around your house.

Radiation and health.

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