Shelly reboot on long press. Possible?

I use several Shelly devices, specifically a bunch of 2.5’s to control my blinds in the living room. They work really well, but very occasionally, they’ll lose connection to the wifi. The relays still work perfectly well when pressing the wall buttons, but there’s no way to reach them from the app, or from HA or by browser.

Power cycling them brings them back on line, but for that I either have to open up the wall switch or flip the circuit breaker for the living room, which I like to avoid, because a ton of other things then also go down and take ages to come back up.

As long as the shelly devices are online, it’s possible to reboot them with a quick <shelly_ip>/reboot, but that’s obviously not possible when they lose connection.

So I’m thinking, seeing as I don’t use the long press option for anything. Would it be possible to set up the shelly to hit localhost/reboot when it registers a long press?

Any ideas if this is possible, or how to do it?

The „Elko“ from the Shelly is defect :thinking:
So, replace it
Or replace the Shelly to the next Gen2 Plus 2PM


I wouldn’t call the connection unstable, they’ve maybe lost connection three or four times in the last three years. Still, I’d like to be able to reboot them when they’re offline.

the Shelly is only offline in HA
or is the WebUI also no longer accessible?
the Http request to reboot is:

I’m guessing that the Http request will of course no longer work if it can no longer be reached via its IP

Of course you can set this to the “Long Push” as an Http request, but then instead of IP with localhost


Currently, I can’t because the 2.5 is in roller shutter mode. I guess I could change it to relay mode, and set up the shutter control in HA.

What I can do is set an URL for it to hit whenever the shutter is opened or closed.
Do I want my shelly to reboot every time it opens, just for the rare cases when it loses connection?

Those statements are contradictory.

Not contradictory, but might appear so. Let me clarify:

When you have the 2.5 in roller shutter mode, there is no long press option. That’s what I have right now.
I could change it ti relay mode (basically two switches) and emulate the behaviour of the roller shutter control in HA. That would allow me to use the long press option, but it’s quite a bit of bother. So before I change, I was trying to find out if my idea would even work.

Ah, that’s much clearer!

Personally, I wouldn’t touch anything if this only happens around once a year. Sure, flipping it off at the breaker isn’t a great experience, but there’s gonna be downsides to rebooting on long press too:

  • You’ll have to depend on HA being available if you’re controlling your blinds via automation. The logic is no longer handled directly by the Shelly.
  • Anyone in the house who mistakenly long presses the button will cause the Shelly to reboot.

Another alternative is to flash esphome on the shellies. There’s no guarantee it’ll solve your disconnection issues, but it’ll give you more options for rebooting if that happens.

Hmm, that’s actually an intriguing idea. I’ll have to read into it a bit. Thanks for the hint.

Currently, I think I’ll just leave them as they are as long as the disconnects don’t get more frequent. And if I do replace them, I’ll probably switch to 2pm’s

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That’s one of main reasons i flash all my shelly’s into esphome. Way more control, they do what I want, and not what manufacturer wants.
And, Esphome reboots by itself if there’s no connection to HA or to wifi for xy minutes, too.