Shelly RGBW2 - make RGBW control without MQTT


I’m using 4 Shelly RGBW2 units.
HA recognizes these as switches.
So I have no dimming capabilities and no RGBW control from HA.

There is a MQTT solution but I would rather use these functions within the Shelly integration.

Who would support this feature?
Maybe more urgently who would build this integration?


This should actually be supported by the integration in the next release

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The next release of the integration? / Next release of HA?

Is there a schedule for when this new release is expected?

The integration is a core integration, so it is updated with HA. The code is already merged into the dev branch of HA 3 weeks ago, since it didnt make it into 1.5 I assume it will be in 2.1, which is coming out very soon.

If you wanted it now you could probably pull the files from github and replace them, I do that with another project that is a dependency whenever I update, since the next release isnt out but the dev branch has edits I made which propagate to the UI in HA

And it works in 2021.2.0

It’s not working in the HA v2021.12.8. It doesn’t allow me to control RGB channels.

Yes, it is working with standard (core) integration. Integration creates 4 light entities, that can be individually controlled:

My HA is running on v2021.12.8 & my Shelly RGBW2 is on v20211109-130054/v1.11.7-g682a0db.
In my HA Configuration > Shelly RGBW2 > Entities, there is no Channels listed.

I have also enabled the “CoIoT”; adding my HA IP with the 5683 port & “Listen CoAp for color change commands”. I deleted my RGBW2 from my HA & restarted the HA. It discovered my RGBW2, it still doesn’t show the 4 channels for light control that shows up in your HA instance. Do I need to add anything in my HA’s config file to get the light channels to show up?

I managed to get the individual channel by chaning the Device Type to “White - Shelly controls 4x White LED stripes.”. Previously it was set to “Color - Shelly controls Red, Blue, Green and White LED stripes.”. I am using SMD5050 LED stripe with my RGBW2. The problem with using the White Device Type is that as it creates indivisual channels for Red Green & Blue color. I am unable to mix the colors using a color wheel. There is no color wheel with this option. The only way to mix color is to individually set the brightness of the channels to get the color mix. Before all this I was using MQTT & I was able to control the color using the wheel. Does the same exist for native integration using the Color Device Type?

Ah, OK, you’re right! I also use this device in 4x White LED mode… but I always was (since I use it indeed control 2 separate white light strips), so I assumed it is normal…