Shelly RGBW2 set up via Shelly integration - only 1 entity created, which is overpower sensor

Hello All!

I am trying to set up my new Shelly RGBW2 via the Shelly integration. The RGBW2 is set up as controller for 4 white leds strips. When I set up the integration, it finds the device OK but created only 1 device with 1 entity (which is the overpower sensor) and nothing else.
What am I doing wrong?

HA 0.116.1, Shelly on latest firmware.

Came here looking for this same issue, it was working before 0.116 and now all I get is the overpower sensor like you. I also have a Shelly1 that becomes shows ‘unavailable’ about once every half hour now that 116 is installed, but it’s still working.
This issue thread is might be related, but there’s no mention of the rgbw2.

I’m still looking into this, good luck let me know if you find anything.

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I filed an issue here:

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