Shelly: should I use REST or MQTT?

Hi there,

I want to add many Shelly devices (1, 2.5 and i3) to HA. I’m quite new to Linux, IoT, programming, … If I’m not mistaken there are two ways of adding Shellys - MQTT and REST. Some sources seem to say that MQTT is better suited for this purpose. Is that true and I should use MQTT?
Is it possible to use the i3 features and trigger different events via MQTT for a short, long or double button press?

Maybe I should explain some things I’d like to do:
Move shutters (shelly 2,5) to a specific position, eg 60% open
Turn shells relay on or off
Trigger home assistant event if i3 button is pressed
See Shelly relay status in HA

Both work well.

MQTT is local push, RESTful is local polling. So MQTT has an advantage there.

MQTT also has the advantage that you can inspect the broker messages for debugging.