Shelly Smart Plug Connectivity

I was introduced to the Shelly Plus Plug US because I was seeking a smart plug that reported consumption so i could make my not smart devices smart enough to give me a power state and i could turn them off if i accidentally left one turned on. But I’ve noticed that almost daily at least 1 of my plugs will go unavailable. They’ll typically stay unavailable until I disconnect it and plug it back in. Im thinking it might be related to not using the device that is plugged into it very often. I also wondered if my Wi-Fi was at fault.

Did you forget the rest of your question?

Lol got a phone call while writing it and somehow posted the first half when i answered the call. But i posted the rest. Do you have Shelly Smart Plugs? Do they frequently or rarely lose the connection to WiFi?

I have a whole lot.

Make sure you follow all the best practices detailed on the Shelly integration page, if that’s what you’re using.

Are you using the CoIoT protocol? MQTT? Is your firmware up to date? Do you use DHCP? Is the Shelly’s eco mode on? How strong is the WiFi signal (RSSI)?

To the best that i could understand I followed the integration page. I am not using MQTT. Home Assistant always tells me when a firmware update is available and I always install it when there is. When I followed the Integration instructions, iill be honest could not understand what CoIoT needed me to do and I did not know how to tell what generation my plugs were. So I skipped the step on CoIoT. When the plugs all worked after following the steps I assumed they were not of the generation that needed CoIoT. The Shelly app doesn’t show an RSSI
But it says that Ithe connection to Wi-Fi is good.

Navigate to the device’s web page with your browser and take some screenshots of the settings, making sure to redact any sensitive information.

Plus Plug US is a gen2 device, it doesn’t use CoIoT. You can enable RSSI sensor in HA.
I bet the problem is related to WiFi. Take care of good WiFi signal and a fixed IP address (DHCP reservation or static address).

Thank you. I just finished assigning static addresses to all of them. And I’m working on making sure they have RSSI sensors enabled. I’ll reply and see if there are any other suggestions if any of them continue losing the connection.

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