Shelly TRV - in the UK - My experience

I just wanted to drop a new topic here, hoping that it might help others with the Shelly TRV and getting it installed. I had a headache of a time getting it to work, mainly because of the Shelly Android App.

Bear with me as some of this may be of interest, it’s also worth noting that it had an old firmware on it, “20211130-135936/silabs_freertos@810aaa39+”:

When I received the TRV (today), I looked to get it charged up fully. When I plugged it into a charger, there were no lights on it. Nothing to say that it’s charging at all. There are instructions to press reset button and then press the buttons on-top, but that all just seems a bit daft. So don’t expect there to be a charge light on it.

(I don’t know if Shelly are having IoT/service issues today, but what a pain!) I installed the Android Shelly app and tried to register. What a mess that was, as the app just seemed to hang and almost took 10mins to get back to a normal screen during registration. I received no email, but managed to force close the app and re-start it and get logged in. I then ran through the process of adding the TRV which seemed ok, but still took far too long. Once added, I found I could not access any of the settings of the TRV in the app. Just a blank screen where I could not go back or anything, I hard to force close again. And this is a constant loop, that is still broken at the time of typing this.

I tried to web browse to the IP address of the TRV. This didn’t work, so I went around in circles for a while. I run OPNSense for my DHCP, so I went ahead and created a bind between MAC and IP, and used it’s default DNS name . It was at this point, by accident, I was able to browse the TRV using the name of the device (yet not it’s IP). I don’t know if this is in any instructions, but it’s worth remembering. e.g. http://shellytrv-6##42##cc###/

Once I get into the browser settings, I was able to quickly update the firmware to 20220202-080736/v2.1.3@d255ad74. I also enabled the “auto temperature control” and COIOT. Then I added it into HA. Once in HA, everything has been a breeze so far and it at least now gives me control over the TRV.

Sorry this is bit a of a messy topic/post, but I just wanted to let people know what happened to me and how I got around it with HA.

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I just received one, there is a hole where the reset button is, but poking a paper clip in meets with no resistance, as if the button is missing! Is there a trick to this?

This may seem like a daft question, but are you trying the correct hole? On the back there are two holes, either side of the USB-C socket. One hole is the ‘reset’ button (you should feel a click when pressed), the other is actually a hole where a temperature sensor.

Embarrassingly, I was trying the wrong hole!

I’m not going to say anything…

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