Shelly TRV, no controls entities

Hello. i added my shelly trv to home assistant. unfortunately it shows me only one entity. only the battery but not the temperature. Does somebody has any idea why? thanks and greetings kusker

Did you set up CoIoT?

Yes, and reboot

I have 2 Shelly TRV’s. Both devices shows temperature and both devices can be controlled by setting the target temperature. But only one device shows the valve positions.

Another strange thing: both devices have firmware version 2.1.7. When I try to install version 2.1.8 everything seems to go well but after a while Shelly shows version 2.1.7 again

Shelly TRV:
Version: 20220811-152343/v2.1.8@5afc928c

Home Assistant Core:
Version: 2021.9.7-15

Pyton 3.8:
Version: 3.8.13-7

Synology DS216j
Version: DSM 7.1.1-42962

Ancient, update it :slight_smile:

Look at the Shelly integration. Every file has been updated in the last month core/homeassistant/components/shelly at dev · home-assistant/core · GitHub

I know. As i understand i have to install docker on the Synology for a newer HA version. Unfortunately DS216j does not support Docker.

Sorry I don’t have a clue about the synology.