Shelly wall mount IRL - experiences

Hi fellow HA-lovers,

I want to automate an old house by mounting shelly 1 devices next to the wall switches.

  • Does anybody have real life (so not POC in the homelab) experience?
  • Is the in-wall mount hole big enough (eg in belgium)?
  • What is the reliability of such installation (WiFi OK? temperature OK? reaction time OK?)?
  • Does the system work without HA actief or WiFi outage (I think so …)?

Thank you all in advance! It will definitely help with the WAF :stuck_out_tongue:

Mario (from Belgium)

Belgium here. I have 10 shelly 1’s behind my wall switches. The size fits, the question is how deep are your wall boxes ? And everything works even if Wifi or HA is down.
Can’t tell about temperature, I don’t go in there any more to see how warm they are :slight_smile: