Shelly Wave 2PM auto-off does not update status

Hello, I have Shelly Wave 2PM devices (QNSW-002P16) with firmware 10.30 which I use to control lamps. I configured an auto-off timer but when the light goes out automatically, the status is not updated in HA. I also use a presence sensor and according to the manual every ON signal should reset the countdown timer, which is not the case.

Is anyone experiencing the same behaviour?

You should contact Shelly support about this.


We are aware of the bug, and it has been addressed. The fix will be included in the upcoming firmware release version 12.xx. This version is currently in development, and once testing is complete, we will make it available for release.

Thank you for your patience.

Once the firmware will be released you will be notified by Home Assistant as you are notified for any firmware update.

Best Regards,
Shelly Support Team