Shelly z-wave qubino. Anyone tried them?

Impressions? Was thinking of moving some WiFi plugs (I have too many and sometimes they cause issues) to Zwave

I do use Qubino, NeoCam and Hank Zwave plugs. All respond very fast and reliable.

Got a roller shutter here… for some reason the and cover.close calls are reversed while the physical buttons work just fine… :thinking:
Other than that it seems to be as good as my fibaro roller shutter 3 devices… I cannot spot a difference yet.

nice to read
but i got a wave shutter and added it also needed to put in the security code and its started blinking green.
so all good?

wl i see only a node53 and entitiy alive and rssi and thats it
no controls
did you get all the zwave device enitiys?

sorry post was about zwave problems alss

well it is solved. shame nobody write about is before.
anyway after a update of home assistant names of zwave devices where empty.
i needed to rename them and now it works

I’ve have quite a few qubinos in use for heating control, they have been working fine for a few years now. When qubino was acquired by Shelly, I wasn’t too happy about the news. Shelly was always known for kinda shoddy built quality to make it as cheap as possible, so it felt like a step backwards in that respect.

I still bought a Shelly Wave 2PM to check it out. It looks OK from the outside and works fine with zwavejs-ui. I haven’t used it for anything more yet. I don’t like the fact that it has power monitoring. I don’t care about the power draw of the device I connect to it, and power monitoring hardware means there is a shunt in the power line, which in turn means heat generation and potential heat issues if the module is tucked away in a wall box.

I will probably turn to Aeotec or Fibaro when I need more control modules in the future.

I also have a Wave Shutter for testing purposes and the HA buttons are reversed.
Physical switch is correctly connected.

Did you find any solution?

Also after the calibration the parameter 78 does not change to 2. If I do understand correctly it should automatically switch to 2?

can anyone share the full parameter list of the Shutter?

I have a test setup to test basic communication from my smart wireless switch to the z-wave gateway to trigger the shelly
Even without a motor, I should be able to light the bulbs (either O1 or O2).

here i have the zwave 2pm version
to control shutters

they seem to go offline after a while
i have to unplug the powerr