Shelly1 Question

Hi all.
Ive got a shelly1 up and running, as i wanted to evaluate them to potentially replace sonoff T1 touch switches. While the sonoff functionality is good, i like being able to use a normal light switch.

I have the shelly working, but with 1 potential issue. I dont know if this is by design, or if i potentially wired something up wrong.

If the light is off, turning off the switch will engage the shelly. If its then turned off via the shelly, toggling the switch does not turn the light on. It has to be toggled off and then toggled back on again. Something doesnt feel quite right.

Hi, assuming you use the original firmware, how did you configure the manual switch type?

Its set to toggle – but now that i read that documentation again, I think i want it to be edge?

I expect thats exactly my issue! I re-wired the thing 3 times thinking i was sourcing the power for the switch from the wrong spot!

Edge should do the trick

yep - now works as expected :slight_smile: