Shelly1 used to open garage door - how to get current state in HA?

I’m using a Shelly1 to open my garage door. The way this specific port works is by shorting a terminal which toggles the garage door between open and closed. Therefore there is no way there to tell if its open or not. I found a place on the mainboard of the garagedoor controller, that would tell me current state though and I’m able to see the current status of the garage door in the shelly webinterface. If its open a the “I” part of the ON/OFF switch is blue. But how do I get that into HA? It seems that the intergration only adds the switch it self, but since its a toggle and I have configured it in the shelly webinterface to auto turn off after one second otherwise the garage door would close right after being opened

Any ideas?

Easy way, get a separate Shelly PM1 and plug the garage door opener into it.

Most people use a reed switch, with the magnet on the chain, to see if it is open or closed. There are a lot of other posts in the forum of people doing similar things.

Automate your Garage Door! The PERFECT First DIY Smart Home Project. - YouTube

I use two methods:

  1. I have an Aqara Door and Window Sensor on the door. Easy install.
  2. I have a custom built garage controller using a wemos d1 mini that I included a HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor that measures the distance from the ceiling downward. When the distance is less than 70cm the door is open. I convert with a home assistant template to open / closed.

Well the question really was how i get the SW terminal of the Shelly1 into HA? I already have it working as it should i just don’t know how to get it into HA. I have the part in HA that can open and close the garageport, but the part that tells me IF its open og closed (by using the SW terminal on the Shelly1, just like in the Youtube video @jaaem is linking) is not in HA. How do i get that in there?