Shelly1 whit connection on first deviator

good evening,
I have a problem that I don’t know if it’s solvable.
I practically have a shelly1 and would like to integrate it into a circuit with two diverters, but the box in which I can install the shelly is the first of the two diverters and not the last.
Can I integrate it electrically?
The circuit I took as an example is the one attached but the diverter of my situation is below.
Unfortunately I am unable to insert cables !!
Thanks for the possible solution, Alberto

somthing new?

You have to re-wire your wall boxes. An onother way could be install the shelly on the same socket of your light.

if he has only one line in switch boxes and the same line going to lamp, then he is done. You cannot powerup shelly with control line which obviously is being disconnected by switches.

@alverman please provide exact description what cables are available near lamp and what is available in switch boxes

In Italy (I am Italian too, @alverman) you have to have two line when using two o more 3-way switches. One for the first 3 way switch, two common cables linking the two switches and than another line from the last switch to the power/light.
Of course he must have a neutral to power the shelly.