Shelly2 with UK two way lighting

My Shell2s arrived in today’s post! I’m so excited to get them wired in. I will be using them in Edge mode, for two way lighting.

One question sprang to mind - will the Shellys KNOW whether the lights are currently on or off? I understand they just ‘toggle’ in edge mode.

But obviously, it’s kind of important for home automation for HA to know the STATE of play to determine whether a toggle would be useful, or a pain in the arse!


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And a further complication: will the Shelly2s detect a change from the second switch? i.e. not the switch they are actually wired in to? I can’t in my mind see how they would. I know I can just try all of this, but if the community knows the answer I’d be very grateful…

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The docs say:

An “edge” switch. In this input mode, every switch state transition causes a toggle of the output state. This can be used with input from existing two-way switch installations.

It looks just like what you want.

Have a look at @xbmcnut explains it pretty well there.

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Thanks! Looks like it will do what I want.

Just need to find out WHERE to install the damn thing now. Both light switches are (obviously) very accessible but the “ceiling rose” is not. In that, I don’t have one. It’s a ceiling of about eight downlights. So I’m hoping I don’t have to go digging about in the ceiling (I can’t access from above as it’s an attic) and that I’ll be able to insert the shelly into one of the light switch back boxes.

As far as I can tell the shelly should be installed into the “main” switch. I just received mine and have the exact thing in mind, so that’s how I would start.

Here is a wiring diagram.

And the corresponding thread and video.

@daneboom Please let me know how it goes.

I took some photographs of what I believe to be my “main switch”. I appear to have red coloured wires, yellow coloured wires blue coloured wires and black coloured wires. In addition, some of the wires seem to be marked with a bandage of brown insulating tape…

I wonder if I’m going to have problems controlling both light circuits from here because it looks like one of the switches is slave to another master ? Hmm… research needed.