ShellyDuo GU10 - no color, no dimmer, only on/off

Recently got a 6-pack of Shelly DUO GU10 bulbs, which are dimmable, have a white-temperature mode, and a full RGBW mode.

When discovered in HA via the native Shelly integration, the bulbs only appear as dimmable with a color temperature slider, no RGBW. Additionally, the dimmer and warm-cool sliders don’t work. HA can only turn the bulbs on and off.

Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 10.51.18 PM

How can I get these bulbs to announce their full RGBW capability to HA? And if that’s too much to ask, how can I at least get the dimmer slider to function?

Note that these bulbs do announce their state via shellies/# but do not respond to commands, so MQTT does not appear to be a solution at this point. And flashing Tasmota via is also not possible.

Please read the docs. Official Shelly integration doesn’t support RGB lights.

You have to wait for this change
or use Shellies Discovery script