Shellys stop working with fixed ip

Hey all,
i’m really lost with my home assistant, yesterday my router crashed so i decided to manage all my devices with static ip’s.
the instance running on a raspi3 with static ip, next step was to change all the shellys but after that home assistant can’t connect to any of them, sometimes a few of them work for a few minutes but then all of them disconnect.

when i change back to dhcp at the shelly everything works fine…

strange thing is that the shelly are always able to be visit by browse the fix ip in the browser, so i think home assistant have any problem with the static ip?!

anyone of you got a problem like this and know how to fix?


Are you setting the same subnet, gateway and using the IP and not a mDNS name when connecting?
Does your new router have the DHCP server disabled, sometimes if this is left enabled it will issue the same IP’s to new clients which causes connection issues.
Also what happens when you ping the devices, can it ping with low latency and is it stable?

Yep, ip settings are all correct, the dhcp is enabled but just for the range .150-.250, i gave the shellys fixed ips from .30-.50
i can ping every device without problem…

it’s really strange, i’ve done a complete fresh built of home assistant because that shelly behavior drives me crazy! but it’s still the same, at that moment i set the ip from the shelly to a fix one it stops connecting to home assistant, when i set it back to dhcp everything works fine…

What subnet mask are you using? /24 (

i’m using