Shield TV Filling Logbook With "Unavailable" and "Off" Entries

I was troubleshooting an unrelated issue and noticed that in my logbook one of my two Nvidia Shield TV’s is constantly becoming unavailable then registering as off. Strangely the other Shield doesn’t present this behavior. Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it. It happens so often that it makes the logbook hard to use.

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Same here. Shield TV cigar edition. Both (shield and ha) on Ethernet.

This appears to have resolved itself on its own.

Same issue here ! It keeps on being unavailable, so I cannot control it with the nvidia shield ios remote app, I have to physically turn it on for it to appear again.
It only happens on one my shields (the old one, first model).
It’s like it goes on sleep mode and thus disconnects from the network…

my temp fix: set the shield as always on in dev settings. but you’ll have to disable CEC otherwise it’ll turn on your receiver/tv when it periodically wakes up from sleep.

Same issue here (Nvidia Shield Pro). My Chromecast and FireTV devices don’t cause this issue, only the Nvidia Shield keeps becoming “Unavailable” even if the device is on.

Same here, only happening on one of my two shields right now.

same here - and identical behavior on 2 identical Shields ( Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4k).

Its about every 5 seconds flooding my log file in HA.

Anyone a quick fix ?

This seems to have fixed it for me.