Shopping list 110.2 problem

Hi, me and some other persons have a problem with shopping list after update HA to 110.2.
I add a new shopping position, press + and HA does nothing, I add next one, and still nothing, I cannot see my position, and after several refresh or changing a tabs, the shopping list displays.

Could you check that? I have this problem in Chrome (both mobile and desktop). On my iPad is ok.

I use Chrome to display the HA frontend as well and 110.2 seems to display the shopping list a bit strange.

Upon first display of the main frontend tab that has a shopping list configured, the shopping list is blank. Refreshing the page dose not help.

However I configured a duplicate list on another tab and that list shows fine, and when I switch back the main tab shopping list it now shows all items in the list.

A potential work around.

I saw that there are two different shopping list. One in left menu (it works ok) and second added as a card added to tab and with this I have a problem.

Fix for this is in the works and will most likely be in 0.110.3.