Shopping list deleted with one icon?

I created a shopping list in Home Assistant over a few days. I was just happy with it. I just now clicked an icon on the mobile app at the top right of the list, that looked like a staggered burger bar. Immediately, the entire list was gone. All devices, no recovery.

Is there any way to get this back? I was excited to give HA a try with the shopping list, but if my entire list is gone, unrecoverable with s single click, I will stick with text messages, which is safer.

Thanks for any help.

Pretty sure you clicked on the ‘clear checked items’ when the list is first populated and nothing is checked, the icon is not there.

So had you checked everything off when this happened?

That is what I did. Can I remove that icon from the UI? I would never want to do that under any circumstances. That icon is not on the web UI, only on the android app UI, so I had not seen that icon during the entire process of creating the list on the desktop PC.

Given the very destructive nature of clicking that icon, I have ruled out the use of Home Assistant for a shopping list until I can remove that functionality as an option in settings. At least an “are you sure”, or an undo given the destructiveness of the action…

To be clear, Home Assistant is my absolute favourite “tech” right now, and the shopping list was just a great added bonus to everything else that it does. The shopping list missing the mark is just one small part that I can avoid for now.

I see the same icon in the browser (I’m pretty sure the android app is just a webview anyway) You might be able to hide it with some CSS magic. But, given that it only serves to clear items which you have checked off (ie picked up and put in a basket) I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to clear off the list when you walk out the store with everything you’ve bought ? I don’t keep my shopping lists forever - LOL.