Shopping List - Removed from config, will not go away

First, thank you, everyone, for putting together a great solution and supporting it as a community.

I’ve perused the internet and can’t find a solution to this. I tried the shopping_list by adding it to my config file, created a card or two, decided it wasn’t for me and removed the entry from my config file (and restarted).

The card is still available and shopping list is still present on my (crowded) sidebar.

At a minimum, I want the space back on the sidebar. But more completely, this seems like a bug. Is this something other features do, too? I know I can’t get rid of the history tab…

Can someone help? I’ll keep looking.

If you’re seeing this and it’s not marked solved, I didn’t find an answer.

Try removing it from your integrations list, maybe?

Yep - thank you. After adding it to the config, the integration was added and I missed that.

Thank you!