Shopping list REST API

Can I get the content of my shopping list from http request? is there an api for this?

well it depends, where is your shopping list located? How is it built/formatted/stored?
You’d need to provide a bit more info if you want u to help :wink:
In the meantime, have a look at the scrape sensor

I’m using it out of the box the Shopping List component:

Scrape Sensor could be a solution but I think there should be an easier way to get the data/list and not parse and manipulation external inputs…

ok, I haven’t set this up personally, not sure how else to import content. File Sensor maybe?



Yes, this is nice.
Do you know how can I manipulate the entries? Add/Update/Remove?

The best way to find this kind of stuff is using github search:

The second result is the class responsible for the shopping list. If you search for api in there, you will find the options available via the api.

Other way would be using the chrome developer console and see what happens when you create a new item via the UI.


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