Shopping list with users

Living in a house with multiple teenagers all demanding things all the time, I’ve added shopping list to my dashboard that they can all add things for the weekly shop. the trouble is, they all just put ‘deodorant’ or ‘soap’ or something quite generic. If I knew which one of them had entered the info it would help ascertain what brand of something I should get. This lack of user info is really a showstopper for me ever since one of the kids added ‘a new wife’ the the shopping list and got me into trouble!! :joy:

its all about home rules. Here everyone is asked friendly to start every entry with his name, the item he needs and its type/vendor.

Everyone is urgently warned, that incomplete entry’s will be ignored and deleted. If someone still need an item, that got deleted, he knows the way to the store too.

So, this will never work:

This will work:
Jamie: Lays barbecue chips.

It works fine, when they know, incomplete entry would never arrive :slight_smile:

We can do a lot with computers, but hallo, we still can use our brainzzz…

And if you really like way more functionality, try Grocy :wink:

It would still be useful to know who added something for automations. I would like to receive a notification when my wife adds something to the list, but not when i do. This way i could make it a condition for the automation.