Shortcut without tapping the notification

Hey guys,

so my wife just bought an iPad for writing down daily routine for all of us. It will be used for watiching disney/netflix or whatever an all sort of things.

One thing that the does daily in the morning is using GoodNotes for writing down everything we have to do on that day.

Now i wanna automate opening the app in the morning but can’t seem to get it to work properly. The conditions would be a motion sensor (KNX) and if its between a specific time.
The conditions won’t be the problem but my problem is opening the APP without confirmation.

Anyone got a good idea where to look for? Guided access is not an option in my opinion because you need to remember to set it to guided mode with the right app in the evening for it to work properly (as far as i understood). Tried sending an E-Mail to the iPad but with E-Mail automation you still need to confirm the automation. Apple just lets you do time based automations without conformation.

Anyone can point me in a direction to look for or what to do?

Best regards

I don’t have a precise solution for you but I would have thought that iOS Shortcuts would be a better option than Home Assistant.