Shortcuts: Broken navigation

For whatever reason, half the time I open the HA app on Android, my Main dashboard loads, instead of my custom default one. Or, it’ll open to my last location, which might be an entity detail page several levels deep.

So I created a shortcut that takes me to my default dashboard on launch every time and it works perfect…

Except that 100% of the time, if I open the menu to navigate anywhere else, I get a blank page. I swipe back and click the same location again and it loads.

Any idea why this is happening? It’s driving me crazy. Especially since the behavior is so consistent…it never succeeds to load the page on the first try, and never fails to load on the second. Is there a setting somewhere that’s causing this?

The default dashboard is a per device setting that is even separate from the browser. If it’s not working might be a frontend issue.

That’s too be expected when the system didn’t close the app

Known issue Default dashboard URI is appended to other HA pages · Issue #8910 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub

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Got it, thanks. I scoured the backlog looking for this but just wasn’t looking for the right terms, I suppose.