Shorten relay time. Recomendation needed

I have a RFID panel that has a set time (3 seconds) for the unlock relay.
I need this to be around 0.5 seconds.

Any idea on the smallest device that can accomplish this?
It need to be small.

how small is small? that is an extremely relative term, is an IC controlled timer relay considered small? what if it is DIN mount?

Without any further information, the best smallest solution i can think of getting an ESP 01 with a singel relay board. Might sound like overkill, but they are dirt cheap and you can change the pulse time if needed.


Have seen this and I probebly need to make some room for it its a littebit to big but it seems to be the simples solution

Can you use a optocoupler instead of a relay?
I don’t think you can get it any smaller.

But they are not as powerful as a relay.