Should I buy Aqara Smart Hub M2 to control the Aqara devices such as FP2 Sensors?

Hi, I bought few FP2 Aqara sensors. I am new to HA so trying to configure and integrate things. I managed to add FP2 to HA, but I only see two sensors,
Light Sensor Light Level and
Presence Sensor 1
My question is, do i need to buy an Aqara hub to use all the benefits of the FP2 sensor such zone monitoring etc?


No. You can use the Aqara app to get more granular control

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If you have configured a Zone you should also see a “sensor” for both each zone and one for “all zones”. E.g. if you positioned the FP2 in a large living space, like I have, you could have a sensor in HA for Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and All Zones. If I (or anyone else) are present in the Living Room, Dining Room or Kitchen, then the All Zones sensor will show as detected, plus the inifividual sensor for the zone where the person is located.

Oh, and to answer your question, or simply repeat @FriedCheese 's answer, no you don’t need a separate hub. The Aqara FP2 will communicate directly with your HA instance, without the need for the Internet or a separate hub. That said I have found re-pairing a little tedious, but it is possible.

Thank you.