Should I go there? Whole house audio and then some

I actually also placed the following in my yaml config file and it worked in that it is showing on my overview page as “Connected” but not sure what to do next to have buttons so that I can switch the inputs/outputs:


  • platform: command_line
    name: Matrix
    command: ‘ping -W 1 -c 1 > /dev/null 2>&1 && echo success || echo fail’
    device_class: connectivity
    payload_on: “success”
    payload_off: “fail”

There should be documented API. This will describe each individual command you must put into config.

What you just posted is basically a ping to show unit inline or not. This will not execute any command or even show unit status

They should have given example for input change, power, state/status. You will likely have HA config entry for each of those.

Unfortunately I not find manual for unit online so can’t help you there

I have tried many times to get such information from the manufacturer without success.

However, I have a user manual - happy to upload but I couldn’t see anything which might useful to program it into HA.

I also have a RS232 HEX commands (whole bunch of letters/numbers) for each command but the matrix is not connected by RS232 (only by ethernet).

does it have web interface?
what happen if you just connect to http://<matrix_IP_address> or https://<matrix_IP_address>
sometimes we request is as easy as looking at web addresses shown as you go through units web interface.

upload manual. maybe something you missed someone else will catch.

found manual online
based on its vague details of tcp/ip connection i expect you can just connect to unit at http://<matrix_IP_address>

Yes I can connect to it via a web browser using http://<matrix_IP_address>.

I had mentioned that in my original post so I do think it is quite easy from my limited understaning of HA… I did try the Blackbird integration which is an 8x8 matrix by using that yaml config file but nothing happened.

So given I can access it and control via a web address - is there an integration that I can use?

Probably not a built in integration, so you’ll have to work out how it works and do it via one of the built in integrations. But you are so vague about how it works that it is difficult to be any more specific.

Open the web page that controls the HDMI switch. Click on a control button. What url does it send?

Another thing - learn to post your code properly - see point 11 here.

And would a moderator please move this conversation to a new thread, as it has wildly deviated from whole home audio :slight_smile:

I open the webpage and there is a box with the 4 inputs which I can select as per image below. the url does not change. I also have a document which shows hex commands for each output/input to control it via RS232.

This is an extract from the document:

Port switch command package length is 13byte:

[0xa5+0x5b+0x02+0x03+ input port(1~4) +0x00+ output port(1~4) +0x00+0x00+0x00+0x00+0x00+ checksum ]

All you need to change is just “input port”, ”output port”, ”checksum”

Checksum = 0x100 – (0xa5+0x5b+0x02+0x03+ input port +0x00+ output port +0x00+0x00+0x00+0x00+0x00)

For example: Set output 1 form input 2 command:

A5 5B 02 03 02 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 F8

When you click something in the web GUI some sort of code or command is sent over http(s). Find those commands. Press F12 in your browser. Or use packet capture.

If I click output A, source 1, I see these two commands:

submit hex(a5,5b,02,03,01,00,01,00,00,00,00,00,f9) processor.js:379
query hex(a5,5b,02,03,00,00,01,00,00,00,00,00,fa) processor.js:438

Do those hex codes match the codes in the manual for the serial port?

Yes they do from what I can see. So how do I go about putting these hex codes into HA?

Another tip and apparently not mentioned yet.

I don’t like to be dependent on proprietary systems either and chromecast, being from that data-hoarding company, is not an option for me even though it’s a nice system.

I went for piCorePlayer on RPi’s and have successfully integrated it with HA

I went with RPI & PiCorePlayer too , LMS running on synology and controlled by phoneand phisical buttons.

squeezebox has certainly been mentioned - picorelayer is a great implementation of squeezeplayer, but by no means the only one. You can still pick up the excellent hardware second hand.

Hi guys, old topic, but I was searching how I can do to control each room with 3 speakers each and I found this:

t looks perfect, but I don’t know if anyone has already joined it on HA.
I didn’t buy yet because I would like to know if anyone has it and if this is working with HA.


It is hard to know what the thing does and how it is controlled. A pertinent question

could someone tell me, that this board has uart to control? did you receive any doc for this board? bluethooth has analog port to connect mic?

simply remains unanswered. Some dodgy reviews too.

Also how do you trust a seller who doesn’t even know which way up an ethernet plug goes? (see picture 5)

They also don’t seem to know what a “source” is, their picture shows bookshelf speakers, passive speakers and ceiling speakers as sources (picture 2).

Also “free app” usually means “closed source, cobbled together, poorly translated, undocumented” app.

Nice device if it works, but no one can guarantee it’ll even work, let alone work with HA.

Good catch and funny Lmao! But you know… aliexpress… Some seller just try to sell everything they can without know what are selling.

I also found it:

This is another kind. I’m looking for a amplifier too and this do it.

That is certainly looking very promising! If Google translate is half way accurate, that is a pretty good start.

One thing I can’t tell is whether you can synchronise between units. There is nothing worse than the music in the next room being slightly ahead/behind.

Shame it doesn’t have a squeezebox client!

Sorry to keep posting back, but a bit of research shows that these devices appear to be based on linkplay gear. There is a custom component