Should I just start over?

When I try to update any of the Update Available nodes, I get something like this:

INFO Reading configuration /config/esphome/everything-presence-one-d53110.yaml...
INFO Updating
WARNING GPIO15 is a Strapping PIN and should be avoided.
Attaching external pullup/down resistors to strapping pins can cause unexpected failures.
Failed config

binary_sensor.gpio: [source /config/esphome/.esphome/packages/0c0347a4/common/everything-presence-one-base.yaml:108]
  platform: gpio
    number: 33
  name: PIR
  id: pir_motion_sensor
  device_class: motion
  filters:  [source /config/esphome/.esphome/packages/0c0347a4/common/everything-presence-one-base.yaml:116]
    - [source /config/esphome/.esphome/packages/0c0347a4/common/everything-presence-one-base.yaml:116]
      This option is not templatable!.
      delayed_off: !lambda |-
        return id(pir_off_latency).state * 1000.0; [source /config/esphome/.esphome/packages/0c0347a4/common/everything-presence-one-base.yaml:116]
binary_sensor.template: [source /config/esphome/.esphome/packages/0c0347a4/common/everything-presence-one-base.yaml:117]
  platform: template
  name: Occupancy
  id: occupancy
  device_class: occupancy
  filters:  [source /config/esphome/.esphome/packages/0c0347a4/common/everything-presence-one-base.yaml:122]
    - [source /config/esphome/.esphome/packages/0c0347a4/common/everything-presence-one-base.yaml:122]
      This option is not templatable!.
      delayed_off: !lambda |-
        return id(occupancy_off_latency).state * 1000.0; [source /config/esphome/.esphome/packages/0c0347a4/common/everything-presence-one-base.yaml:122]
    - lambda: id(illuminance_sensor).update();
  lambda: |-
    if ( id(mmwave).state or id(pir_motion_sensor).state) {
      return true;
    else if (id(mmwave).state == 0 and id(pir_motion_sensor).state == 0) {
      return false;
    else {
      return id(occupancy).state;
switch.template: [source /config/esphome/.esphome/packages/0c0347a4/common/everything-presence-one-base.yaml:137]
  platform: template
  name: mmWave sensor
  id: mmwave_sensor
  disabled_by_default: True
  entity_category: config
  optimistic: True
[import_full_config] is an invalid option for [dashboard_import]. Please check the indentation.

Am I broken?

Looks like its having an issue getting the source file from Git. Is there a reason you dont have the files locally? Its a PIR sensor and a mmwave sensor… that hardly calls for needing to link to a Git file. Put your esphome config in your esphome file in HA and dont make things more complicated than they need to be.

Strange, when I use the SMB share, I can see the YAML files locally - Is this not the same thing?

If all of this is documented, please point me there - I don’t want to waste your time.

So, I only use it for a few items and really not edumacated on this. It looks like a copy automatically goes to your esphome config but the Source link is where it goes to check for updates from the manufacturer that provided the source code for the device. So its comparing your file against the source file.

This appears to be the problem but, i dont see it mentioned anywhere…

You figure it out?

Not yet… I’ve got 6 devices, all easy to get to and only one i’d consider critical to perimeter safety - so I’m going to blow it up, and try fresh with one device to make sure it does all of the things ESPHome is supposed to.

If you’re familiar, I am confused on the difference between the ESPHome integration and dashboard. When I add a device, it shows up in both but then is asked to adobt in the dashboard? Is that what brings the files local?

Idk, it may depend on how you run HA. I use HAOS on a pi4. I think its added when you install the integration, hell I dont remember Ive been using it for close to 3 years probably. The dashboars is just a web UI just like Node-Red, Adguard, Terminal, etc. Its where you access your node configs and OTA update them.

Im not real sure at what process the files are copied. I would think its when you adopt or do your first uptate and flash it. Actually I think it can only happen during a flash.

Thanks for the help!

Im not sure what your trying to update but if its some store bought device, the updates usually dont apply to that stuff and you dont need to apply every update to every esp node. There is a change log in the update to see whats in it. Its easy to check to see if it even applies to those nodes.