Should I use nuc instead of pi?

Did you get one? Any good? What case and parts did you get with it?

I’m still looking at my options as I got a shock when the total amount came up with freight when I added all the bits to my cart. My current system is handling it so there is no rush but I will need to do something soon.

There are a few similar products out there which can achieve <5watt power draw at idle as they all use the j4105 / j5005 processor…

Asrock make an ITX j5005 board but to get low power draw you would need to use a pico supply and stay away from atx power supplies. Ends up more expensive.

ASRock J4205-ITX and Gigabyte J4105N H are other ITX boards that I just found tonight.

Gigabyte brix and Intel nuc are just too limited with expansion options if wanting to make it a dual purpose box for snap raid like I am.

Odroid seems to come out slightly cheaper but is not as flexible with future upgrade paths as the ITX boards.

I would go the case type 1 as you can install 3.5" drives or 2.5" ones with brackets. Don’t forget to get the sata/power cable set as they look custom cables.

Hello again! SD card is finally dead, so I am looking for a nuc
I need it only for hassio, so I’ve choosed cheapest one. Is this ok: Intel NUC, BOXNUC5CPYH? Or this one: BOXNUC5PPYH?
I need to buy SSD as well, what about this? (64)

And should I also buy flash memory? (4)

Although none of the two options is a speed daemon, the N3700 processor in NUC5PPYH would give you some spare performance case you later decide to install also some Hassio addons.

You’re probably fine with a 32 GB SSD as well, however 64 GB option would also extend the lifespan of the device by having a larger pool for write.

As far as I can tell from that page, the memory chosen is 1.5 V. Indicated NUCs only use DDR3L (1.35 V) boards so it won’t work. Again, 2GB should be sufficient (Rpis, at least until 4, only used 1 GB) but with 4 GB the swap file on SSD will likely be less used.

Pi will still be fine :slight_smile: