Should multiprotocol be disabled when wanting Thread only?

Using HA Green with SkyConnect dongle. I have already searched and failed to find the answer. As I have no intention of connecting Zigbee devices via this dongle should I disable multiprotocol support? What I have read seems to say that would disable Thread leaving only Zigbee support so should I leave it enabled, which it was by default?

The SiLabs Multiprotocol AddOn, has both the ZigBee protocol stack and the Thread protocol stack with additional software that acts as a middle-man to route packets to/from each of the stacks and the SkyConnect. So you get both protocols regardless, there is not a way to disable one of the stacks and leaving enabled the other.

If you don’t want to use the SkyConnect for ZigBee, but do want to use it for Thread, then the best solution would be to use the OTBR AddOn as it is Thread only, and seems to be more stable that Multiprotocol AddOn too.

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Thank you. I do have the OTBR installed, but under Hardware, SkyConnect configuration gives the option to reconfigure Multiprotocol or remove it. Do I need to remove it or has OTBR completely overridden all that anyway?

That I am not so sure about., but I would lean towards removing it.

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