Should trigger notification if an add-on fails to start

If I manually click the Start button for an add-on but then it dies on startup, could that trigger a clearly-visible notification, at least for admin users and/or the user who attempted to start it?

When getting familiar with add-on usage it took me a while to make sense of the startup process, when I’d click “Start” and nothing seemed to happen. Eventually I figured out that many add-ons die on startup to let you know they have required config settings you haven’t configured, and that you have to click over to its Logs tab to see any context about it.

The supervisor integration has binary sensors that indicate if add-ons are running. You can set up alerts or automations to notify you if they turn off.

I have notifications for important ones like Zigbee2mqtt set up.

But watchdog should try to restart it, no?

That is neat but my problem was more basic understanding of what the system was doing. Hooking up automation rules to those outcomes as sensors would come way way later in onboarding.

You could try reading the documentation before starting or even installing it.

Hah, thanks for the RTFM noob. :roll_eyes:

Anyway I think it’s a nice feature to have stuff be more self-explanatory but maybe you don’t.

Welcome to home assistant forums :slight_smile: read them, they are nice