Show a tab on internet - cameras and temp

I have a tab on my HA that is my garden house and I have some temp probes and a camera in my garden house.
I would like to show this “garden house” tab on internet so my friend can see the temp and camera view. Is this possible at all?
If not with HA, is there another way I can let y friend view my rtsp stream?
He is old and I need one-click tp open the streaming.
Thanks in advance

Are you already able to connect to HA from internet?

You can create user in HA for your friend.
Each user may have customized view so I would also create a Lovelace card for your friend viewing and give access to that

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Yes I can connect to HA from internet.
Will the process be to create a new user and then assign card to the user?
Thanks for input!


  • Create new user
  • create tab
  • assign user to tab and exclude user to tab that should not be seen by user.

visibility by be change in lovelace UI >> edit dashboard >> tab edit [pencil icon beside tab] >> visibility
by editing view