Show Alert message on dashboard

Is it possible to show the message (not friendly name) from an alert in Lovelace? Message is unfortunately not an attribute for an alert, but it could be really nice to be able to show this message other ways than as a notification to a mobile.

You can write the message to an input_text helper and display that on the dashboard.

In that case, do you know how to implement it in this code? Because this helper is not linked to this specific alert.

type: custom:auto-entities
show_empty: false
  type: entities
  state_color: false
  show_header_toggle: false
    style: |
      ha-card {
        background-color: rgba(204,102,0,1);
        border-radius: 5px;
        --primary-color: white;
        --paper-item-icon-color: white;
        --secondary-text-color: white;
    - entity_id: alert.w2_*
        type: custom:secondaryinfo-entity-row
        secondary_info: XXX
    - entity_id: alert.w2_*
      state: idle
  method: last_changed
  reverse: true
  count: 20

Maybe this? Simple and Effective Alerting

Actually the code is based on exactly this post! :slight_smile:
But also in this thread only the name is used. I don’t think I can use templating in the name - only in the message. :-/