Show all attributes of an entity like they were individual entities

I wish there was a way to use auto-entities to display all attributes of an entity on a seperate line of just some way to show all attributes on a card just like they were all seperate entities
so for instance I am using template sensors for these (plus 20 more):
I’d like to just show this without the templates although the friendly names are different to the attribute in some cases…

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David, I think there is a way to do it - but w/o friendly names for attributes:

  1. auto-entities with “filter → template” option.
  2. The template must create a list of all attributes for some entity.
type: custom:auto-entities
  type: entities
  template: |-
    {% set SENSOR = 'device_tracker.life360_papa' -%}
    {%- for attr in states[SENSOR].attributes -%}
          'type': 'attribute',
          'entity': SENSOR,
          'attribute': attr,
          'name': attr
    {%- endfor %}

Produces this for sun.sun:

As I can guess, “friendly names” for attributes are presented in UI automatically:

  • “_” replaced by spaces;
  • the 1st letter is capitalized.

This may be achieved by:

'name': attr|capitalize|replace("_"," ")

I got this error:

Configuration errors detected:

  • Custom element not found: auto-entites

This is a custom card, it must be installed first

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Would help a lot if you explained how to add this custom card

It is custom card “auto-entities” you can install it via HACS.

How would I exclude icon: and friendly_name:?

{%- for attr in states[SENSOR].attributes|select('search','.......') -%}

or reject(…)

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Marvelous! |select('search','........') did the trick.

{%- for attr in states[SENSOR].attributes|select('search','sensor.') -%}

Thank you!

BTW, title works better than capitalize for matching HA default friendly names.

'name': attr|replace('sensor.','')|replace('_',' ')|title