Show brightness in light "card"?

I have a z-wave dimmer that was discovered successfully, and that shows up as a “card” on my HA dashboard. It shows a toggle switch to indicate the state of the switch as on or off. Is there a way to customize it so that it also shows the current brightness setting in addition to on/off?

I am also looking for this feature.

One more looking for this feature!

I didn’t know if this was a configuration issue or something else, looks like its a missing feature, wonder how much work it would be to create it.

The toggle shows up in the main ‘card’, but if you click on the switch name, the detail that pops up has a slider that allows you to dim/brighten the light.

On my side, I have the same issue and it still appears as a simple switch in the detailed view (see screenshot).


Power the device on, andyou should get the slider back.

You’re right! Thanks so much!!