Show card if todays date equal to specific date

I don’t understand why I cannot figure this out. I have a planned event and I want to have a card show if todays date equals a specific date. If:

day1 = 05-01-2024
day2 = 05-02-2024
day3 = 05-03-2024

Card A: Only shows if today is 05-01-2024
Card B: Only shows if today is 05-02-2024
Card C: Only shows if today is 05-03-2024

Thanks in advance. I promise I spent time trying to figure this out, tried dummy switch, tried anniversary integration, and googled for a long time.

If you are using a sensor for the date, the conditional card is what you probably want to use. So, if you have sensor.my_event and it occurs today, it’s value would be on and you can use that as a state condition.

Install the Time & Date integration:

Then as Bill suggests, use a conditional card checking the state of Note that the date sensor uses the correct date format rather than MM-DD-YYYY, so for Card A, check for '2024-05-01'.