Show code editor on iOS / iPad OS doesn’t display yaml

Approximately one week ago the “show code editor” option in cards stopped working for me both in iOS and iPad OS. I don’t see any issue on the Android app. It seemed to happen approximately when I upgraded Home Assistant to 2023.2.5, but I’m not 100% what change caused the problem.

I believe I’m on the latest update for everything:

  • Home Assistant 2023.2.5
  • Supervisor 2023.01.1
  • Operating System 9.5
  • Frontend 20230202.0 - latest
  • iOS / iPad OS app version 2023.2

Is anybody else seeing something similar?

As an example, see the two images below. When “Show code editor” is clicked, the editor window for the YAML is simply missing.

Any help would be appreciated.

This is related to the iOS 16.4 beta which I am guessing you upgraded to:

Yes, I’m on the developer 16.4 beta. Thanks for connecting the dots for me!

I do have the same issue in the 16.4 iPadOS release.
Is there any fix or workaround yet?

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Template editor disappeared, as well the sensor attributes on the developer tools and the automation viewer. I’m not sure if it is the same issue already open but I don’t mind to open a new one.