Show diagnose of KNX Components

i want make a litte Menue to show my status of my KNX Powersupply.
For this i need KNX Typ 16.001, 1.007, 1.010, 1.015

can some one tell me, how to implemant it in HA.

Use knx sensors and binary_sensors to create entities for each value.
Then use them in a custom Lovelace card (frontend is not my field of expertise so maybe someone else can help you further).

I think, the question is more related to the data types.

1.007, 1.010 and 1.015 are boolean types, so binary_sensor should work as described in the documantation.
I’m not sure about 16.001 - in the documentation you find 16.000 which is also a string, but another encoding (ACII vs. ISO, I think).
@knotzchef did you try what result you get using 16.000 (string)?


16.001 as string is not working correctly, or i have the wrong setup, now i have try it to set it as a binary_sensor, but it do not work correclty:

binary_sensor: - name: "letztes Event" state_address: "5/4/98" type: string


1.007,1.010,1.015 are normaly to make a control for a VISU, this is what i try to make in lovelace for my MDT Powersupply:


binary_sensor means DPT 1.* → only true or false is possible. A type configuration is not valid.
You’d need a sensor. See KNX - Home Assistant

Seems you want to send to the DPT 1 addresses. Use a HA script with knx.send service for each one or maybe an input_select to create a dropdown.

PS: it helps to give some context and describe what you exactly want to do. Every knx device works differently and your specific seems to have a very awkward interface there.

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i want to built a small visu to see the status of my KNX device: