Show Entities without values

I’m using the “Entities” card to show the open/close state of a bunch of window/door sensors:

To maximize screen real estate, I would like to hide the state text (“Open”/“Closed”), as the icon color already gives that info.

Can anyone suggest a way to do that?


You could use a Glance Card instead?

You could also install and use card-mod to hide elements.

Look at auto-entities …this allows you to include/exclude for a lot (!) of options
:small_blue_diamond: Auto-entities - Automatically fill cards with entities - Share your Projects! / Dashboards & Frontend - Home Assistant Community (

Good suggestion. Also created by Thomas Lovén. That dude is awesome :sunglasses:

But doesn’t auto-entities just populate an Entities card? I don’t think it adds any additional display controls to that card, or am I wrong about that?

Card-mod looks promising, if I can get it to hide the contents of divs in class "text-content value pointer ". Thanks for the suggestions!

You should not need to hide thngs when you filter them up front…anyhow (RTFM)…your choice :slight_smile:

Right, but I want to hide JUST the value text, NOT the entity.

Card mod is an option

type: entities
  - entity: binary_sensor.test
  - entity: binary_sensor.test
  - entity: binary_sensor.test
        $: |
          .text-content:not(.info) {
            display: none;

Perfect, thanks for the guidance!