Show "free power" on energy dashboard?

My current power plans includes “unlimited” free power from 9pm to midnight.
I’m wondering how I could get this included on the nice looking energy dashboard?
One thought I had was somehow plugging in the power I receive during these hours and fake it into the dashboard as “hyrdo” or some additional power source?

Any clever ideas or maybe someone has done it before?

It’s a fairly trivial requirement but visualising it somehow would be cool…

Or with all the variable rate and off peak power prices maybe there is already a way to show at what time of day and at what price power was used to help people make sure they are making the most cost effective decisions?

The usual way to do this is by feeding your energy sensor to a utility meter helper with two tariffs and automating the switching of the tariffs (based on time in your case).

This creates two energy sensors you can add to your energy dashboard (in place of the one you have now). Both can be given different costs.