Show light brightness value instead of on/off toggle

I’ve got some lights that I want to see the brightness level in number form instead of the on/off toggle. Is there a way to show that?

Have you tried the light card?

I can’t try it at the min, but looks like it should do what you want?

Not quite what I was looking for. Just need a simple display of the light brightness in integer form, no icons or control features.

You could create a template sensor from the light brightness attribute and use that in a glance or entities card.

I literally just did this and tested it out when your reply came in… And it works! Thanks.

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I know you said you don’t want control but thought I’d show you this just in case:

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Yeah, That’s not for this circumstance. However that looks very cool and I will definitely be converting some other controls over to that.

BTW, This project was for replacing the light brightness level with a temperature readout. I’ve got several Nest thermostat accounts to monitor and HA only allows one to be setup. I wrote some code in Nodered to monitor all my accounts and pass the temps into HA.