Show logbook entries in local (homeassistant server) time in intferaces

Having been away for considerable time in time-zones with differences of 6 to 12 hours and using both the love-lace interface as the android home-assistant app looking at the logbook it displays the entries in client local times!, which resulted in entries like sunrise at 6 pm, sunset 6 am etc. This made it difficult to see if things happened at home (being far away from home) at the designated times. Request is to show logbook entries in server local time or at least provide a button to show server or client times on the entries.

I just experienced this same issue: traveling several time zones away and events logged at home show unhelpful timestamps.
I don’t suppose you ever found a fix for this?

No, I think it is caused by the interface tools that determine how times are displayed, I suspect they receive them in UTC times and then the interface tool converts this to system local time, developers have no control over this. Had similar problems in my work life where my business laptop was English US, but when I was in Korea, France, Brazil and many other countries the webmail app menus etc were in local language, making working the webmail app quite complex. They just plainly ignored system language. I more or less circumvented the HA problem by changing the timezone manually on my laptop, but that gave other problems for other applications.