Show Message on Device User is Using

I have a lovelace card to enable an automation for a perimeter alarm. If the user enables the automation while a perimeter sensor is in tripped state the automation will be disabled right away, effectively preventing the user from turning on the alarm system. I’m looking for a way to let the user know why the automation cannot be enabled by showing a pop on the device.

The user can be identified from the context of the automation trigger, however, how to display the message specifically on the device the user is operating?

use the app importance sensor and which ever sensor state is on foreground is the one with the app open.

I am very interested in this as well, I have notifications going to text messages on phones via notification sent to an email for my carrier which translates into a text message, the only problem is, the notificatins are often delivered much later and not on time because of delays with the phone carrier. I would like to change those to a popup coming from the HA android and iphone apps such that when the app is running even in the background (and is not the currently app being used that has the focus), such that it will pop up on top of everything happening that the user may be doing on their phone. I am sure there must be a simple way to do this @dshokouhi ?

did you make sure to follow the critical notification format?

cant speak for iOS but on Android you can change the options for a Notification Channel to pop-up on screen. it wont quite interrupt the user but they will see it on top of content briefly.


Thanks I’l look into it!

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I ended up using channel importance high to display a heads up notification.

I will probably do the same